vis_compare_ly, like the other vis_*_ly families, gives an at-a-glance interactive plotly plot of a dataset, using the * method. In thi case, an interactive version of vis_compare, which is used to visualise and compare two different dataframes of the same dimension, and so takes two dataframes as arguments.

vis_compare_ly(df1, df2)



The first dataframe to compare


The second dataframe to compare to the first.


plotly interactive plot, similar in appearance to vis_compare

See also

vis_dat() vis_miss() vis_miss_ly() vis_dat_ly() vis_compare() vis_guess()


# make a new dataset of iris that contains some NA values iris_diff <- iris iris_diff[1:10, 1:2] <- NA vis_compare_ly(iris, iris_diff)
#> vis_compare is in BETA! If you have suggestions or errors #> post an issue at
#> We recommend that you use the dev version of ggplot2 with `ggplotly()` #> Install it with: `devtools::install_github('hadley/ggplot2')`